To All my loyal customers for over 20 Years. Partylounge has retired. Thank you so much for your patronage ~!!

Hi All,                                                                                                                                                                                                                I have retired from the business and have written a tell all book about my journey !!                                             Thank all of you for your patronage !!

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PartyLounge The Ride is over ~  The autobiography of Captain Marky Mark and his company PartyLounge Transportation.  California’s first State Licensed Motor Home Limousine company.   The Cpt’s personal stories of each bus. Where they came from, how he got them. How he converted them into Party Buses.  Who drove them and the people that road on them.  Including The waitresses aka “The Party Dolls.”                                                           Captain also reveals the truth about the  The illegal party buses trade!                                                                                     Learn what TV shows The Cpt. & Party buses were on and more ~!! 

Book Launch Party Oct. 15th @ 2:PM / Venue : THE LOT / Newport Fashion Island






“A delirious collection of short stories packed with humor and mind-blowing twists based on real-life events. Captain Marky Mark, the founder of PartyLounge Transportation, California’s first State Licensed Motor Home Limousine Company, shines as a storyteller and takes you on a fun journey on his party buses.

You will meet the people who drove them and the people who rode them. You will be treated like royalty by the waitresses, aka the Party Dolls. You will run into legal party buses, but all will end well. You will even get on a TV show!”       A. Billings ~ Author

 Prepare yourself for a real treat and enjoy the ride!   Capt. Marky Mark    

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